I enter my workspace ready to do battle. Shapes emerge from a layered process that includes both visceral gestures and controlled brushstrokes: gouged, scratched or penciled lines, collage materials, splattered India ink, and acrylic paint applied at different levels of opacity. The dialectic between unconscious movements and aesthetic choices is a loud conversation I struggle to tune out.

My paintings and collages are often abstract representations inspired by readings, current events or surrounding stimuli. The pieces evoke feelings of longing, belonging and alienation and reveal the ambiguities, complexities and contradictions that stem from my experiences as a bi-cultural immigrant and a feminist. Sometimes the female figure finds a way of imposing itself during the layering process: these often partial, deformed or otherwise “misrepresented”​​ women’s bodies take on a bolder symbolic value within the piece.

Choosing a title is essential to me. As a verbal conclusion, it provides viewers with a lexicon to enter into conversation with the piece, encouraging them to engage with my art.

Le Cirque 1.jpg

Le Cirque


Acrylic and India ink on canvas

56" x 65"