Artist's Statement

My art is an ongoing search for clarity and connection. As I distill what I see, think, and read, I transform these stimuli into color and shape, coercing them into a balanced whole. My paintings are abstract representations of complexity, contradiction, and ambiguity.

Gouging, scratching, and pouring ink are central to my process. The marks created by these visceral gestures emerge from beneath the surface painting to reveal layers of texture.  My process can be cathartic or enraging, but the result —an exercise in relinquishing control— is rarely predetermined. Once the foundation is laid, my approach becomes more deliberate as contours appear, revealing multiple aesthetic possibilities. At this stage, I begin to make thoughtful decisions about composition, coaxing my paintings into their final form. 

My art examines how myths, assumptions, and power undermine culture, in both personal and political contexts. Concurrently, my paintings expose my seemingly irreconcilable feelings of belonging and alienation. As a feminist and an immigrant with a bi-cultural background, my experiences often provide the narrative behind the subject matter.

Choosing a title is essential to me. As a verbal conclusion to the piece, it provides viewers with a lexicon to enter into conversation with my art, encouraging them to engage instinctually, emotionally, and aesthetically. ​

Tea with the Enemy.JPG



Mixed-media collage