Small Watercolors

These small watercolors were painted in April 2020. I chose to go back to a small format and work with diluted black lines and vivid color. The news of the virus was certainly taking its toll on the unconscious where the irony of such a small organism affecting such a large population was pushing for concrete expression. The dilution of line and the concentration of color become representations of the blurred vagueness of information about the virus and contrast with the intensity of its visible effects. We do not recognize ourselves in this wave of lost livelihoods, this ever-growing number of infections and self-imposed distancing: we wait for resurrections that will neither gather us in celebration nor ever materialize into meaningful symbols. We are in avoidance mode, we want to shut our eyes and ears and fade into more comfortable physical and emotional spaces where we wait for a return that will likely once again force us to transform our expectations.

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