This series was made in March and April 2020 during the increasingly frightful ravages of the Covid-19 virus spread. It is a mix of order and confusion, anger and release, hope, doubt and despair. Lines are drawn: between people, between countries and cultures, between physical spaces and within human emotions. We cannot measure what we feel, we cannot entirely gauge the effects of events unfolding before our eyes and ears, we are left powerless in the face of uncertainty, grief and loss. The ring-shaped killer we cannot see becomes a symbol for our planet’s greater ills: injustice, greed, inequality, indifference, insecurity, ignorance, pettiness, hubris, persistent conflict and suffering. Yet we go on. We have the luxury of space. We have the privilege of emotional clarity, daily editorials, and hourly scientific updates to fuel our outrage at our leaders' reckless and chaotic response. We can eat and drink and work. We can twist our bodies to quiet our minds. We can assemble remotely. And so we dance, we move, we paint: in the face of loss, we affirm our search for light, love and other evidence of life.

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